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Nike Air Max 95 360 Men Beginning this year in July , the mall is not only the whole museum closed closure decoration , and adjust the duration of up to more than two months.agents CARTIER, BOSS, BALLY, BURBERRY other brands of the Rainbow Group in Chongqing when the layout is also quite good.""Some people say we are promoting goods can only use one expensive word to describe , is a high-end unrestricted So many people went to the first floor on the left .

For the younger , fashion, second-tier brands in the world !Depression spawned " second-tier consumption"With the same strain as the second-tier brands brand , some with only their body imprint brands , there are also many personalized interpretation. Air Jordan 2 April , Wahaha Group executives interviewed by reporters when Zong admitted , had "Wahaha " rapid establishment of 800 childrens clothing stores is not enough scientific practices in the country.A phenomenon can not be ignored is that the number of Chinese well-known trademarks and brand of China , becoming a symbol of the strength of the regional economy , and even the "standard ."Currently, the wishes of European companies to sell their non-core assets is more intense .In addition to industry, Shanshan also a lot of financial investments.

Prada Tuesdays earnings are expected to display first-half profit rose 12 percent , its growth mainly to the Chinese market.Not Zhuangshan character design cutting, bag buckles , ironing .2012 , Kaqi house childrens store expansion in the first half to break 100 on the basis of the second half to continue to seize market opportunities , expanding the size of the store , enhance regional scale advantages .2,006,002 " Notice that "selected the first batch of China Famous Brand notice" , the charge amount indicated participate in the selection into A, B, C third gear , respectively, 08,000 yuan , 16,000 yuan and 28,000 yuan . Womens Air Jordan 13 Retail employees admitted that although the presence of electricity providers to bring pressure to physical retail, but it is undeniable that electricity providers actually increased total consumer spending .Reporters saw in the store , from casual wear to career suits, as well as a variety of fashionable dress , cheongsam can almost see it.

Air Jordan 3(III) Fur AAA These costumes like the vagaries of the sculpture , draw fascinating space ; flowing like a song song , singing a distant time ; like a worn history books , narrates the story of the myth of the ancient and bizarre .Its performance , First, some large retail companies ( including traditional retail business and " electricity supplier " ) , in order to fully utilize the shop, logistics and other resources to achieve rapid scale advantages , the implementation of a wide range of goods sold , to de- label operation ; Second, in order to retain some large retail enterprises , poly embrace the customer , by O2O , to achieve physical store, shop , mobile stores, shops and other social whole channel sales .Fashion Sight : Guangzhou search shop outdoor storesJanuary 2013 , Kaqi house Shanxi Changzhi , Jingbian stores have opened , while Kaqi housing market in South China Guangdong Zhaoqing , Dongguan, Shenzhen, Zhongshan and Guangzhou, there are nearly 10 new stores are nervous preparation.Consumer participation is not fashion, but a brand objectives .

Investment areas in the restaurant industry , the bridge is not the only home grandmother carried Mimi sight of the enterprise, according to Maison stakeholders Bestway Thai and other food and beverage companies in the United States will also be opened in the United States .Here identified a recent visit Shanghai , Beijing and Shenzhen fashion exhibition information, so you see them , it is beyond the pale fruitless searching, must come to the show field !Not to be missed is the first red honeydew Shiseido century development.According to the World Luxury Association statistics, in 2007 Chinas luxury consumer population proportion of the total population was 13% , which is China , " 20 percent of the population possesses 80 percent of Fortune" wealth distribution structure basically. Air Jordan 3(III) Fur AAA , On behalf of more than 1,700 participants from across the country format retailers and related sector associations will discuss Chinas retail transformation and innovation under the new situation ." in China , 80% of consumer decision-making from the woman , interpersonal different generations of consumers in different cities , spending habits and consumer behavior has a significant difference.As the temperature gradually increased , summer fashion OTC already have major shopping malls in Beijing , in addition to the models , styles and colors reflect the trends this spring and summer outside , summer fabrics for men and women this season is also distinctive .